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3:31 PM

you've probably heard more than you've wanted about us mild weathered californians and the rain storm we're experiencing, but they are deeming it the storm of the century after all. and it just so happens that today marks the start of a glorious vacation for us as my husband finished his last final yesterday, so the four of us found ourselves all home together through the storm and all weekend long. living more city than i've ever lived before we've been able to "enjoy" the storm. we've got no river to watch rise, sandbags to put out, trees to be weary of falling, just a whole lot of mud and some closed streets. the boys were sent out this morning, rain pouring down, for some good old puddle jumping (and to unclog the gutters) while the clark man and i snapped a few photos, smiled really big, and headed back in to nurse, put some hot cocoa on the stove, and run a hot bubble bath for one particular munchkin who came in sopping wet, shivering saying "no, im not cold not cold" between shudders. i think we will remember this storm for years to come. and for everyone who is stuck out in it, or working on the roadways to keep the rest of us safe, thank you. we feel incredibly fortunate to be puddle jumping, and don't take it lightly that others are without power, and literally loosing their belongings right now, maybe even their homes are water rises. hold tight. it'll be through with soon.

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