Bump Watch: 36 weeks!

1:57 PM

We're full-term baby! 36 weeks and counting! I sort of can't believe it, but then again I can. I'm still a happy momma, but really looking forward to seeing this guy on the outside! Nights are a bit more restless, I've been battling PUPPS (lovely, I know), and I officially *had* to wear flip flops this week not because I wanted to, but because nothing else would fit my puffy feet. But enough of that stuff, life is great and this babe is a total blessing. We really do live a beautiful life.

My lovely friend, Jessica Brianne Carpenter, stopped by this week to take some maternity shots (like the one above). We were so blessed by her for capturing memories of this precious time. And are anxious to see more of her shots!

A few more weeks and we will be parents!

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  1. I love these photos, Mal. Sooooo precious. You'll be so glad you had them taken. Wish I had done that with Ali and Colin. Congrats to you two. Can't wait to see pics of Holland! Love you, Deb



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