Puppy love.

2:24 PM

 This little guy has stolen my heart. Oh how we love our dog. Seriously, it's a little bit ridiculous. I mean we really, really love him. But with a face like that, how can you not? Not to say we are those crazy people who cart their dog in a stroller..or a purse. But we do take a lot of pictures of him. And for good reason, he's cute! My husband however is the ultimate offender. Take a look at these lovelies. Can you tell he is enjoying his belated birthday gift (our new Canon Rebel t3i)? I've got to admit, I haven't got much of a chance to get my hands on it yet, but I've really been enjoying watching my husband do so. He is becoming quite the photographer. And lucky for you readers, I will be kind enough to share these photos. Hope you like dogs!

I'm sure in a couple weeks when our child arrives some of the lime light will be off the dog. At least you'd hope, right? ;)

For now, enjoy.

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