Sleepy Sunday

12:13 PM

My due date is approaching and I am growing tired! Like first trimester tired all over again. It's a sleepy Sunday around here. Sleepy indeed we are. I didn't even make it to church this morning. :/ Rather, here I sit. Laundry is done. House is kept. No excuses to be made not to go out, but I'd rather be home.
Unfortunately however, I feel like my time with the Lord is really suffering. I pick up my bible, I doze off. I think all day about "quiet time" yet before I know it the day has passed. Don't you hate that? Why don't we just get to it, rather than think about thinking about the Lord or whatever we do. It is quite silly. Seasons like this are hard but I know it will pass. Until then, pray for diligence for me my friends. For discipline with my time.

Soon enough our Holland should be here and I'm hoping to shake these blues. I can't wait to see our boy in that cradle. And get back to some more exciting blog posts. Like our Double-duty decorating and perhaps a Wordless Wednesday. More on that later. ;)

On a side note, we have purchased our first real camera. Still working out the kinks of how to use it and all it's lovely features, but it is in our hands. We spent Friday in San Francisco with some friends and got a few pretty great shots. We are excited to share improved photos with you soon!

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