Holland's new clouds

10:07 PM

Super easy paper cloud tutorial.

As some of you might recall...Holland had this very shabby triangle mobile I made in a rush one night in his nursery. 

I say shabby in a not so good way. I wasn't very pleased with my impatient (and free) attempt at a mobile, and well neither was Will. In fact he hated it. So when I stumbled across this tutorial tonight, I was on it!! And best of yet, it cost me nothing. Nadda. Not a penny. You probably have everything you need too. 

Plain white paper. Check. Cardstock. Check. Scissors. Check. Needle and white thread. Check. 

You my friend are ready to go!

We hung ours simply, 3 clouds from smallest, to biggest. Just leave extra thread for this. ;)

Improvement? Yes.

Also, funny looking back at this picture. We moved everything around shortly after this post. Same items, different set-up. 

 Now, back to clouds…give it a try!!

We love our new mobile. Hopefully Holland will too. Come morning diaper change he will have a new something to admire.


*Note: if you live in a place with moisture in the air, consider using thicker paper. Steam from the shower got to our clouds, and one of them is sorta floppy now. :/

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