Meals! Week 2.

9:36 AM

As you will see we have some repeat meals this week. Last week got super busy, like 4 birthday parties in 48 hours busy, so we didn't quite make it through all our meals. But that's ok, I carried them over for this weeks meal plan. Less grocery shopping for me!

Monday: Teryaki chicken bowls
Tuesday: Simple fish with corn and yellow tomatoes
Thursday: Polenta pizza 
Friday: Shrimp & chive dumplings with miso salad (I am really excited about this one)
Saturday: Left-overs
Sunday: Sushi

By the way, last weeks ginger fried rice was most definitely a success. The crispy crunchies on top of the dish, yum! We will be making it again. Quick, easy, delicious. 

So, what's on your menu? Did anyone cook off of last weeks?

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