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6:23 PM

It's been a long couple weeks. Nothing in particular has gone on, just the daily grind of motherhood and housewife has been keeping me busy. Hubs has worked a ton, studied a ton, and been school a lot, so our time together has been spent, well...together hence my blog absence. Anyhow here's a bit of this and that...

We (Holland and I) are officially dairy-free. Oh how I miss ice cream and cheese, but it is temporary and so worth it. He is a much happier little booger without it in my diet.

I skyped for my first time this week. Pretty stinkin cool! And about time. ;)

We've been making pesto like crazy along these parts. And serving tomatoes with every meal, as well as pawning them off on whoever we can. They are coming out our ears! But I love it.

On that note, grow a garden, it's worth it, no matter how big or small. We are just about to put our winter garden in the ground. Northern Californian's, you should too!

Back to being dairy's hard, especially since I don't eat meat! Im eating more soy than I'd like :/ Vegans, you amaze me.  I LOVE my eggs. 

Food52 is amazing! More recipes than I could ever look through, and they ALL look fabulous. My new go to site for meal planning.

Fall is here! Can you believe it? I can't, but I'm *trying* to welcome it. I'm sorta partial to summer. To help, I got a few little pumpkins today, and we plan on doing this.  

You've got to try this Buttermilk Chicken. My husband said it was amazing. I left it for the full 48 hour marinade....(actually 72, but shhh). Stick to the 48 just to be safe. ;)

Happy Sunday all.

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