Double Duty Decorating: Blanket crib skirt

8:50 PM

I am so pleased with myself right now…maybe a little too pleased. Anyhow, I've been wanting a crib skirt for our little Holland…something to cozy up his crib some, however I am frugal. His crib has been sitting pretty bare since I gave up on his bumper. Twelve ties that ALL have to be untied and then tied again every time I change his crib sheet. Really? Twelve? Is that really necessary? Anyhow, I sat browsing crib skirts online, after an unsuccessful trip to Target, frowning at the prices…and then, it dawned on me! What is cozier than a big plush blanket?? And there you have it. Crib skirt.

I just pulled one out that we had gotten from Ikea a couple years ago, a blanket we loved dearly and well, so did our puggle. So much so in fact that he snagged it multiple times all in the center making it rather unsightly but none-the-less still cozy.

It is now our new crib skirt.

I did no cutting, so sewing, no alterations. I simply laid it down underneath the mattress, adjusted it and there you have it. Since his crib is up against the wall it didn't have to cover all four sides of the crib, just two. If you have a crib where all four sides show, just choose a bigger blanket. :)

Take that other crib skirt tutorials all over the web. ;)

Simple. Easy. Double duty decorating.

I like the non-perfect look of the blanket as the crib skirt, but if you do not, simply choose a blanket or fabric that can be ironed out to smooth over the look and crease the corners!

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