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I make them everyday. Ok, just about everyday, and meal plan weekly, so why not share? Perhaps we can bounce ideas off each other? At the end of each week I spend about 15 minutes "meal planning". Deciding what to make on which day, and writing a grocery list. I go to the store about once a week. It saves us time and money. We write out each meal by the day of the week on a chalk board in the kitchen, and there you have it, our dinners for the week at a glance. Breakfast is generally fend for yourself, and lunch quick easy stuff or left-overs.

Do you meal plan?

I love trying new recipes so you will see a few regulars as these posts go on (which I do intend to do) and a whole lot of new stuff too. I like to switch it up.

So here we are this week:

Monday: Steamed salmon with a ginger vegetable broth (it was amazing and surprisingly easy)
Tuesday: Ginger fried rice, mixed green salad with strawberries and cantaloupe 
Wednesday: Simple fish with corn and yellow tomatoes
Thursday: Warm tuna and bean salad
Friday: Fried egg sandos
Saturday: Beef roast, cauliflower mash
Sunday: Take-out

What's on your menu?

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