Meals! Week 3.

11:21 AM bout those Giants??  Woot woot!!


Remember those shrimp & chive dumplings I was so excited about from last weeks menu? Well, we never got to them, but that's ok, because I am making them tonight and just as excited about it. The rest of the week we will focus on using what we already have. I hate food left unused in the pantry. Plus, our grocery bill will be minimal this week, like fruits and veggies minimal. I always love that!

Hopefully we will get a couple loaves of banana bread made too, with walnuts and chocolate chips of course. :)

Tuesday: Mango curry chicken and rice
Wednesday: Vegetable fried rice
Thursday: Udon noodle soup
Friday: Asian slaw and tofu
Saturday: Beef and broccoli {crockpot meal}
Sunday: Date night

What are you cooking?

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