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Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco
Lived and Learned

-If you haven't been to the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Fransisco, it's a must, especially with kiddos. We went early in the week and had a blast! Between the slides, food, waterfall, bowling, skating, and carousel, there is really no reason to go elsewhere.

-Being a parent is such a gift. Life seems as it would be so dull without Holland. I can hardly imagine it anymore, and it's only been 4 months.  By nature, we are SO selfish. I think children reveal just how much so. I am learning to be less self-focused. And it is a really good thing.

-Holland has found his feet! I've been waiting for this day, what entertainment they provide! Still no rolling action going on here though, he is not the slightest bit interested, and that's ok with me. I know my days of finding him exactly where I put him are numbered.

-Honey is such a powerful medicine! I've been reading more about it, and seriously, it is like the cure-all! It kicked my sore throat within hours. The hot peppers may have helped too. ;) Next up, getting rid of this cough.

-I'm starting not to dread winter as much. Seriously, I use to hate it. But so far, I'm ok with it...for the first time. 

-Who has started their Christmas tunes? We are totally guilty, and I feel just fine about it. Are you one of those people with the "no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving" rule? 

-Woot woot!! Family comes into town tomorrow and keeps on coming up until Thursday. I am so excited. We tend to travel for the holidays, but this year family is coming to us! It's a treat.

-Lastly, do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? We have been thinking a lot about what traditions we may or may not want to start now that we've got our Holland here with us.

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