Hello there.

10:56 PM

Hey guys,

It's been one heck of a holiday this year! The last two days have been, well a bit hectic, but totally enjoyable. Also, a little loud. I'm currently enjoying the sound of…well, nothing. We have lots of family in town, and everyone has been busy, busy. Holland had a great first Thanksgiving. He's been quite the little trooper, though we are all tired tonight. We've been taking lots of pictures. I will share those with you soon. And we have all eaten WAY too much. I am officially sick of food at this point. Though tomorrow, I will wake up hungry. Funny how that works. You'd think we could stockpile. Nope. But seriously, how convenient would that be?

Tomorrow morning we are off to the farmer's market before we say farewell to a few of our guests. And I just might decorate for Christmas. Just maybe…or at least put Fall away ;)

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