This week {and last weeks} lived and learned

8:57 PM

This weeks lived and learned:

-My one and only black friday purchase consisted of 3 rolls of 59 cent christmas ribbon.

-i *might* have started decorating for Christmas. :)

-I also finished decorating for Christmas. 

-i dropped my first pie on the sidewalk this year. Talk about bummer.

-Holland sits on his own! My baby is growing up WAY too fast.

-i started oil pulling this week. I'm addicted. Will is with me on this one. Seriously, try it. Your mouth will thank you. Make daily your goal. It's easily attainable. I do it in the shower. :)

-I had my first tofurkey this Thanksgiving and it wasn't half bad. Ok, I actually loved it. 14 some odd years of not eating meat and I am just discovering this!?

- i've  been converted to coconut oil. it is delicious and healthy! Thank you father-in-law!

…And last but not least, my baby eats solids!! and he LOVES it. Ok, well he loves sweet potatoes thus far. That's all we've given him. We are taking it slow. I keep hearing of benefits of waiting to start now I am sort of torn. Moms, dads, friends…input? He has also decided his bedtime is 7pm. Our evenings end early these days, but hey, I'm not complaining. Now if only I could get myself to bed early…

Oh yeah, and Holland swings these days too. Watch out parks, here we come!

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