Meals! Week 5

9:44 AM

Not a whole lot of fancy cooking going on here this week, but we do have some fancy new windows! Ok, not fancy, but new. So long single panes! Though the old windows are cute, they are not practical. Monday and Tuesday we weren't in the kitchen at all. In fact, the house was a crazy mess so we just sort of stayed out of the way the best we could. Tuesday we snuck away on an impromptu day trip to San Francisco. It was glorious, and seriously, the weather couldn't have been better.

Ok, so what are we eating the rest of the week?

Beef and broccoli (yep, a repeat meal. See Week 3)
Lentil sheperd's pie

Last night I made sesame veggie noodles with tofu. Another repeat meal from last week with a few alterations. This week I added a little ponzu to the oyster sauce and plopped in some tofu. The result, scrumptious. Left-overs for lunch today!

This week was all about easy. The sheperd's pie will be my one big endeavor.

What did you cook this week?

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