Lived and learned

7:33 PM

The weeks just keep on flying by. Seriously, I don't even know where the time goes. Do any of you feel like that? Anyhow, this weeks lived and learned (not that I actually posted last week or the week before that). Back to that time thing, where does it go?

-My son has his 4 month appointment tomorrow! I cannot believe it.
-I'm getting pretty excited about Christmas already even though we haven't made it through Thanksgiving yet…is it too early to decorate? ;)
-Why am I so tired? Holland is a great night sleeper. Arrg.
-I'm finally getting use to this whole dairy free thing and I am AMAZED at the amount of dessert I use to eat which I can no longer. My body probably thanks me.
-I love BONES (the tv series). Netflix finally got last season on dvd so we can finally watch it! What shows do you watch?
-These are on my wishlist, or Holland's rather. Best blankets ever. I can't wait to try this thicker version.

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