It's Friday.

2:55 PM

Woo! It's Friday. I am spending the better part of the afternoon cozy inside, baby napping. The housekeeping is done (or as done as it's going to get) there's a pot of tea on the stove and music in the background. Talk about mood changers. I don't know about you, but a few good tunes and a hot drink to sip makes all the difference for me. And right now I am enjoying every minute of this quiet time.

Our week was good. We celebrated our friend turning a big one year old last Saturday, Sunday we rejoiced in our risen Lord before my husband hurried off to work (I love that man and what he does for our family), so Easter dinner was spent with my parents, and this week we both worked, Will studied and went to school, I held down the fort ;) we planted some seed in our gutter gardens (and they've sprouted!) and seeded our tiny patch of dirt with grass seeds. I also went to the most insane baby sale of my life. A local baby store is closing and had what they called a "private sale" Wednesday morning. Two words, total joke. Every mom, grandparent, and a handful of unlucky dad's were there. Utter chaos. Clerks standing on registers yelling to customers, a line that wound around the whole place, herds of moms, babies in hand running across four lanes of traffic (because there was no parking anywhere) to get in the door, and for very unimpressive deals. After 20 minutes standing in line with a girlfriend and two tired babies up WAY past nap, we called it quits. The line to checkout hadn't even budged. We left our merchandise and headed for the door, which was another task in itself. And home to Amazon. I am not a crazy online shopper, but boy can I appreciate it.

Anyhow, and now here we are, Friday. Friday at naptime. We have a weekend of festivities with friends and I cannot wait.

Boy are we blessed to call this our life.

The picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post. He is just plain cute and I cannot resist him, or flooding my blog with pictures of the little man. ;)

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