Meals! Week 18

9:10 PM

It feels like summer around here. No, really. I think we may have just skipped right passed spring, which is sort of ok with me but our garden won't think the same, and neither will yours, so rain please do come, but maybe just at night??

This week we've got new recipes and a couple simple through together meals (like tonight's) which I don't have recipes for. It's best that way. I love trying new recipes (if you haven't noticed by now) but it's nice to have some no brainer nights too. ;) Especially since a good deal of dinners are happening after baby goes to bed. He is needy, needy, needy right now. I don't know if it's more teeth or his age…the whole separation anxiety thing, maybe both. He wants to be held ALL the time. But hey, I am getting extra snuggles and buff arms.

Ok, meals!

Week 18

Monday: Summer salad with salmon and strawberries
Tuesday: Salmon, coconut rice and sugar snap peas
Wednesday: Spring roast chicken (only my second roast chicken ever, hoping it comes out as good as it looks!)
Thursday: BBQ
Friday: Grilled "cheese" and greens (vegan cheese, but hey, it works)
Saturday: Dinner out. Woot woot!
Sunday: Ginger miso glazed eggplant and pork buns

Oh and here's a couple extras we've made this week:

Chocolate oatmeal flaxseed muffins, uuhh yum. I did add a couple teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa to get the dark color and it's gooood.

Lazy girl peanut butter cookies, but I think I will make the pie version because it has chocolate. ;)

And that just about does it.

Happy week 18 of meal planning! I love it.

What's your method? Are you a day-of kind of dinner person? And if so, how do you shop?? I would spin circles if I did that in the grocery store listless.

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