Meals! Week 16 and 17

10:19 AM

It's Tuesday…maybe you still need to do your grocery shopping? maybe?

Last week, I discovered something wonderful. Schezwan eggplant. Chinese take-out you can make at home? Uhh, yes.  And it's easy. Plus, it is basically my favorite dish and now I can eat it anytime. And so I will. We made it last week, we are making it this week. ;)

Sort of like the korean bbq chicken. It made a come back again too.

Meals! Week 16
Monday: Spring salad
Tuesday: Schezwan eggplant (definitely add the ginger)
Wednesday: Eggs over asparagus
Thursday: Community group (aka fend for yourself) ;)
Friday: Pork fried rice
Sunday: Left-overs

and now for this week...

Meals! Week 17
Monday: Fried rice
Wednesday: Tempeh and stir fry
Thursday: Tom yum soup 
Saturday: Beef short ribs
Sunday: Eat out

What are you eating?

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