Meals! Week 15

3:14 PM

We are still at them. I'm just not very good at posting them. Anyhow, here is what we have eaten and will eat the rest of the week.

I am particularly excited for the Korean chicken and bean sprouts on the menu for tomorrow. Not because I eat the chicken, but because I think my husband will really like it. During our last couple days on Oahu, we went to a place that served marinated bean sprouts that were delicious. It was my first time trying them. My husband grew up eating them from time to time, and spotted them right away. I was shocked when he ordered bean sprouts, soy bean sprouts to be exact. My husband is…well, sort of a McDonald's kind of guy, though his diet is drastically changing. Just not a tofu and bean sprout kind of person, but funny how that works out, because he married me, and I totally am. So...I've been looking for a recipe to duplicate this dish, and think I may have finally found one. I have no idea what the "real" thing we ate was but we will give this one a go.

Monday: Mahi and stir fry (no recipe here, it was sort of plain and boring actually)
Tuesday: Peanut chicken and broccoli
Wednesday: Lentil soup (Thank you Trader Joes)
Thursday: Community group, I scrounged up fixings for a vegan cheese and avocado quesadilla for baby and I.
Friday: Spring salad greens and egg (inspired by this one)
Saturday: Korean BBQ chicken and season soy bean sprouts
Sunday: Sushi out :)

Did you eat anything share worthy this week? I've got next weeks menu to get together. Help a lady out. ;)

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  1. I made a new fennel dish tonight! I never know what to do with it, but my fruit/veg box I get bi-weekly came and had fennel in it, a few potatoes too. So I sliced the fennel bulb and stocks, thin (no fronds) and sauteed them for 5 minutes or so. Then slice the potatoes thin in rounds and alternate the fennel and potato layers. Add dried onion (or fresh, diced)onion, salt and pepper, pour 3/4 milk (or alternative) over that and top with your fav cheeses- we used shredded parmesan and sharp cheddar. Bake in casserole dish or pit pan 40-50 min on 375 degrees, I covered mine half the time with foil :) BOMB! and my fennel didn't go to waste ;)

  2. Yum!! Good idea! That sounds really great.



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