Oahu. Part III

12:51 PM

And to conclude our Oahu trip, which was actually over a month ago now….part III.

Holland fell in love with his great grandma (and great grandfather too). What a lucky little man he is to have two sets of great grandparents in his life and even a great-great-grandmother and grandfather. He also discovered wheel chairs are a whole lot of fun. Especially when the person in it loves you A LOT. He was mesmerized.

Followed by beach days. Glorious beach days where we pretty much dug holes and watched Holland have the time of his life. Sometimes, most the time, the simple things in life really are the best. This was such a good reminder of this. Give him sand, sun, and a hole to sit in, happy as a clam. And I thought the beach would be challenging. Boy did it melt my heart to see my little man out in the big, vast ocean with his daddy. I am in love.

And lastly..the restaurant photos, We were lucky enough to get to photograph our friends engagement. Which also meant indulging in a super fancy, delicious dinner. Could her reaction be any cuter? And yes, she said yes. :)

And well folks, that about sums it up.

Until next time Oahu!

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